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I grew up in Palo Alto with four sisters and a 1-foot scale railroad in the backyard.  My dad worked on the Stanford Linear Accelerator and drove a German Messerschmitt car.  I started programming in the 7th grade on a HP-2000 and was reprimanded when the computer began to spew randomly generated suggestive sentences.  In High School I was in Junior Achievement and my product took first place at the nationals.  I was a volunteer for Amigos de las Americas and did medical work in Ecuador and Bolivia over two summers.  My sophomore year at USC I upset the counselors when they found out I had taken graduate level classes.   I have worked for Atari Corporate Research and then Atari Coin-Op, and then worked for George Lucas for 15 years.  I was the Executive Director on ‘Warriors of Might & Magic’, one of the first Playstation 2 games.   One of my video games is on display at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art.  I worked for 4 years at Danger, Incorporated on the Sidekick phones, and two years for Microsoft.  My oldest son is an Eagle Scout and for two years I ran all of the Cub Scout camps in Marin County.  Hobbies include, but are not limited to:  RC Aircraft (Sailplanes and Electric), Cooking (my Mimosa Jelly took Best of Show at the Marin county fair), Genealogy, Bluegrass (former fiddle player for the band 27Strings), NASA, travel, and snowboarding.  My wife, Lori, and I met in high school and just celebrated our 30th anniversary.  We have three sons, our eldest is having fun applying his culinary skills, one of our twins is wrapping up his degree in Criminal Justice at Chico and the other works for a studio and is busy restoring my 1965 Mustang.

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