Aric’s World


For over 20 years I have avoided creating a web page.  I think I was waiting to see whether the web was just another tech fad like LED calculators, but it looks like it is here to stay.  The great thing about waiting this long to start is that as I add content, I can simply link to sites where others have toiled for years to gather real information.  I am especially grateful to those that appear to have chronicled my life such as this one in Czech Hry našeho rozverného mládí: éra originality III and this one in Chinese  SCUMM 是 1987 年 Aric Wilmunder 和 Ron Gilbert These have proven to be invaluable as I put the pieces of my career into a single coherent presentation.

If this isn’t enough to scare you away, just remember, ‘Beware all ye who enter here.’


welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

- Family visit to our ancestral home.

- Playing Fiddle in 27Strings. 

- Hanging with ‘Buzz’. 

- My Xplorer 3.5 just after its first flight.